In the Garden with Grandma - Photographing Family Memories

Reliving childhood memories. Its one of the surprises bonuses of parenthood. You have a great excuse to play with playdoh, run around laughing and screaming at the park and jump in puddles. Great fun!

And if you are just lucky enough, you get to watch your parents play and share with your little one just like they did with you. 

One of my favourite memories of my mum, is watching her work in the garden. I remember the smell of the dirt and how she would always wipe her gloved hands on her jeans. 

I loved being responsible for taking the plants out of the little plastic planter boxes. Being so careful not to crack the plastic. The soil being the perfect planter shape. Mum would then teach me how to break up with dirt at the root before placing into the freshly dug hole. 

I remember mum carefully placing the plants in the the right spot, to look unorganized and random, but so well thought out. 

On a recent trip up to the family cottage, I was lucky enough to relive some of those memories as I watched my mum teach my sweet girl the joys of gardening. Elizabeth was so excited to help her Grandma plant some herbs and flowers in the small back garden. 

Elizabeth definitely wasn't afraid to get her hands fact, she relished it! 

I am certain that my mum enjoyed it just as much as Elizabeth did. If not more.

And I took such pleasure in documenting that time. 

What are some of your childhood memories you wish you had photographs of? Are there any that you have been able to relive with your own children? I'd love to hear about it so send me a note!

In the meantime, below are some of my favourite photos from gardening with grandma <3 

In the Garden with Grandma-3.jpg
In the Garden with Grandma-17.jpg

~ Much Love ~