Our Summer Memories - Family Storytelling - Jessica Hachey Photography

How is it possible that the summer is gone already?! The lazy summer mornings and hot afternoons filled with adventure are winding down as the cool air and earlier sunsets creep up on us. Though the autumn in the Hamilton region are filled with wonderful festivals, trails and adventures to be had, I'm always a little sad when those warm and lazy summer days are gone.

Our summer was absolutely filled with adventure and fun! Now that we are moved back to our hometown of Dundas, we had a great time filling our days with adventures from our childhood memories that we could now share with our girl. And boy did she enjoy checking everything out!

Whether we were chilling out at home, or off adventuring outside, I always brought along my trusty camera along for the ride. 

We kicked off our summer by celebrating Elizabeth's third birthday! She was so excited to blow out the candle on her cake...she may have gotten a little close for comfort!

Toddler girl with curly hair at a table blowing out a number three candle on a small white cheesecake with photographs on the wall in behind her.

We made sure to check out as many local summer festivals and amusement parks like the Waterdown Ribfest and the Dundas Cactus Festival as well as Storybook Gardens in London! Our girl showed her fearless nature by riding all of the amusement rides possible...and begging to be allowed to go on the ones she was too small for! I'm pretty sure she will be skydiving before first grade at this rate!

Toddler girl in grey t-shirt and blue tule skirt in front of colourful carousel which is spinning
Two toddler children with excited and happy expressions on a dragon amusement park rollercoaster ride with parents looking on in the background at the Dundas Cactus Festival
Toddler girl and her dad on a ferris wheel ride at London's Storybook Gardens surrounded by blue sky and green trees
Black and white photograph of a toddler girl in stripped train conductor hat with her chin on folded arms looking out of a window at the trees and landscape with a thoughtful look on her face.

We also spent quite a bit of time at our favourite place...our family cottage. Elizabeth absolutely loves it there because she can spend all day outside, in the woods, on the beach and in the lake. Not to mention fishing with her Grandpa and kayaking with her Grandma! 

Toddler in a blue sun hat and a pink UV shirt with butterflies and flowers with her face in the blue lake water and her reflection which looks like a heart.
Toddler girl silhouetted against a gate framed by silhouetted trees and a bright blue sky with white fluffy clouds.
Toddler girl and her dad sitting on a wooden dock in a lake with a boat and a fishing net trying to catch treasures in the lake. Blue Sky and fluffy white clouds reflected in the blue lake water.
Toddler girl in a sweatshirt with flowers on it reaching out to the small sun fish she caught with grandpa in the background
Toddler girl in blue sun hat and orange and yellow lifejacket with Grandma wearing a purple t-shirt with a yellow life jacket in a blue kayak and a yellow and orange paddle on a blue lake, surrounded by green trees on the horizon and a blue sky with white fluffy clouds.

When back home, we made sure to make the most of the local trails and parks! Elizabeth and I love exploring the Dundas Conservation Area trails, in particular the Monarch Trail and the Spring Creek Trails! What adventure into Hamilton trails would be complete without visiting a waterfall! Sherman Falls in Ancaster is fantastic and easily accessible for little toddler feet. The fantastic Cherry Hill Gate trail in Burlington is also great for connecting with all of the birds and tiny critters in our area, feeding them was definitely a summer highlight for our sweet girl! And of course no summer would be complete with out many trips to the splash pad at the Dundas Driving Park and the swings at Sanctuary Park!

Toddler girl in a grey shirt and light blue sandals sitting on a wooden bridge surrounded by green trees and a grey gravel trail.
Black and white photographer with a view from above looking down on toddler hands wrapped around mother's legs with feet on a gravel path
Toddler girl with blond curly hair in a green and white polka-dot dress holding up her skirt while standing on a rock with at Sherman Falls trail in Ancaster with a waterfall in the background
Toddler girl in a blue and pink stripped romper sitting on a log and holding out a hand filled with bird seed and a small white and black bird landing on her hand to eat the seed surrounded by green trees in the woods of Cherry Hill Gate trail in Burlington
Black and white photograph of six children playing in the splash pad at the Dundas Driving Park in swimsuits and water spraying everywhere
Toddler girl with curly hair in a teal blue dress laying on her tummy on a big kid swing over grey gravel with green trees and a blue sky in the background

And no summer would be complete without a trip to the beach! We really loved visiting Fifty Point Beach in Grimsby!

Black and white photograph of a toddler girl in a fedora hat and a stripped UV bathing suit sitting in the beach water with trees and sky with fluffy white clouds behind her.

Of course, with all this adventure outside, we did have some days spent at home, dancing in the rain, jumping on beds and starting experiments like germinating avocado stones!

Black and white photo of tiny toddler feet on stone and wet foot prints.
Toddler girl with blond curly hair and a teal blue polkadot dress jumping on the bed with a blue and white floral pattern.
Black and white image of a toddler girl looking at a glass of water, toothpicks and an avocado stone on a dining room table.

Our summer days were so full...and we are so grateful for all of them. But whew...we are exhausted!!

Black and white photograph of a toddler girl asleep in her bed with a book open on her chest and a stuffed bear and stuffed Elmo beside her with pillow and blanket crumpled around her.

What are some of your favourite summer family memories? I'd love to hear about them in the comments below!

Next stop....autumn! And its sure to be filled with more adventures. I can't wait to share them with all of you!

~Much Love~