8 Frames A Week - Last Year Before School - Hamilton Family Photographer

I am a photographer, lucky enough to work from home and spend every day with my daughter.

I have been fortunate enough to have left a really great, stable and well paying government job in order to be home with my sweet baby girl and enjoy as much of her first few years as possible and of course I've documented it along the way.

As this summer was starting to come to a close, I started seeing all those sweet posts from other mums getting their little ones ready for the start of the school year and it hit me like a ton of bricks.....

That's going to be Elizabeth (who I constantly refer to as E) next year....she will be starting pre-kindergarden.....


All of a sudden my mind filled with questions:

> Holy moly how did this happen?
> How did these years fly by so so fast!?
> How can I slow down time?!

Well the answer is...I can't slow down time. It carries on and all we can do is appreciate the time we have and be as present and thankful as possible for that time.

The way I enjoy my time and stay present, as well as making sure I can remember them later on, is to document through my photography. 

So, I've started a personal project this year to continue to document our day to day, but also journal a little bit along the way. And I'm sharing it all here with you!

Elizabeth has recently become a big Beatles fan (totally making this mum proud!) and while Here Comes The Sun and Strawberry Fields are her current favourite tunes, I was inspired by their song 8 Days A Week. 

In particular, these lyrics:

Eight days a week I love you
Eight days a week is not enough to show I care
— The Beatles - 8 Days A Week

So, every day I will carry my camera around with me and photograph life with our sweet wee girl. And each week, I will share my 8 favourite frames here with you!


Black and white photograph of a toddler girl with curly hair sitting on the floor surrounded by toys and reading a book

My girl's love for books. Its something that filled me with so much happiness and pride. I'm a HUGE bookworm, constantly have my nose in one book or another. Reading together is something we do every day. And watching her continue to explore that world on her own fills my mum heart to the brim.

Toddler girl with curly hair sitting on the floor with her grandma working on mazes printed out on white paper

Every week, E heads over to my mum's place to play (and I get a few hours of uninterrupted work time...and the reason I'm able to blog this right now!). My parents are refinishing a room in their house into a home office and E has been quite taken with it. She now goes in there to do her "work" which currently, has been an obsession with mazes. 

Black and white photo of a toddler girl with curly hair reaching into a jewellery cabinet and playing with necklaces with her face reflected in the mirror

Up until this point, E's favourite play things have been building blocks, trains and rocks (yes, I said rocks...we have piles of them all over our house...its...awesome? Ha!). But recently she has become enamoured with my the costume jewelry from my office days. Just as I was clearing it all out and ready to get rid of the cabinet they are in, she discovered it. So now, we spend literally hours a day going through, checking each piece out, putting them on, taking them off, rearranging them in the cabinet....its safe to say I won't be able to clear that part of our room out for quite awhile yet.

A toddler girl with curly hair holding a red, yellow and green toy camera to her eye

Turning the tables on me...

A toddler girl with curly hair at a park running to the bottom of a slide to catch her dad in a red hat who is sliding down the slide

Watching E and her dad play is such a joy. This is a little park she loves to visit and order her dad around on the play set. This time, he had to wait his turn in line behind her at the slide, and then she was so excited and proud to play the "grown up" and catch him at the bottom. So stinkin cute...

A black and white image of a toddler girl with curly hair sitting on her dad's shoulders resting her hands and head on his head and hat with a canadian maple leaf on it.

Her expressions slay me sometimes...

A black and white image of a face in shadow with just one eye and half of a nose and mouth peaking out in the dappled light.

I caught this while we were sitting together for breakfast...just the way the light fell across her face as she was peaking through the back of the chair she was sitting on....

Black and white photo of a toddler girl with curly hair with one eye peaking out from behind her spread fingers on her face which is coming out from the neck hole of her shirt.

Peaking out at mum...and scratches all over her forehead from a hike we did earlier in the week. Sums up my girl so well. Fearless and independent but with a dash of shy and quiet nature. This photo will be up on my wall very soon. 

I so enjoy witnessing her personality unfold in front of my eyes, and to capture it with my camera. I am embarking on this project for me, yes. However, this project is for her. I am creating a record of the legacy of her childhood. Something she can look back on and see how loved she is, what her life was like, clues as to how she became the person she is now, and will be in the future. 

Its going to be an exciting journey....<3 

~Much Love~