Week 2 - 8 Frames A Week - Last Year Before School - Hamilton Family Photographer

I used to think anyone doing anything weird was weird. Now I know that it is the people that call others weird that are weird.
— Paul McCartney

I wasn't always able to embrace my weird. And I've definitely got a good dose of it.

I have a slightly bazaar and very dry sense of humour, with a dash (or 4) of sarcasm. I often prefer spending the entire day with my nose in a book than doing pretty much anything else.  I wear jeans, pretty much 365 days a year, I just don't understand why other kinds of pants are necessary when jeans can do it all...

My hubs and I have a shared love of strategy based video games - Civilization is our jam. My hubs is a business owner and manages nearly 100 staff members every day. Yet when he wants to be home relaxing he loves to play sports based video games...not to be a hockey, baseball or football player, but to be the manager of the team...go figure. And while I can read all night long...he falls asleep after one or two pages....EVERY time! 

Since having my daughter however, I've been learning to love our weird. And I think that is in large part to watching her little personality grow and all the peculiar habits, expressions and mannerisms.

If she had her way, she'd be naked all day, every day. She loves to sing herself to sleep and usually wakes singing too, which is a pretty awesome alarm clock even if it "rings" before the sunrises. She will eat avocado by the basket full and stuffs so much food in her mouth at once she will choke before admitting she has enough in there...

Now, I celebrate our collective weird as a family. Its what makes us...well...US. Its the funny stories we will rehash over dinner and in 10, 20, 50 years from now when we sit down together and reminisce. It will be the things we remember best because its what makes our family different from all of the others. 

Black and white photo of a dark bed with a white laundry basket on the floor with two small toddler feed sticking out of the handle hole.

Playing hide and seek is a daily routine...as is where she hides. In the laundry basket on the bedroom floor. As she sings to herself while I'm counting to 10 and "looking" for her all over the house until I'm SURPRISED! by her hiding in the exact same spot she hid the last time...and will hide again the next time....

Black and white image of a bathtub with a few toys scattered about and two small toddler feet sticking out without being able to see who they are attached to.

The bath is E's happy place. She would spend the entire day there if we allowed her to. Playing with empty shampoo bottles is a particular favourite bath time activity...despite the numerous toys she has in there with her. 

A toddler girl with blond curly hair in a mustard yellow shirt dress, grey leggings and pink and blue sandals skipping down a wooded trail surrounded by green trees

Dance breaks are a thing. No matter where we are. The grocery store, the woods, the car...and there doesn't have to be any music to get her moving. She's got music in her veins...

A toddler girl with blond curly hair in a mustard yellow shirt dress standing in a wooded field of green plants and trees.

Her need to head off the beaten path and blaze her own trail, exploring as many things as she can and a sense of wonder with even the smallest of things...these are a few of my favourite things.

A toddler girl with blond curly hair in pink pyjamas with her right hand cupping the head of a white and grey scottish fold cat who is laying on a grey couch.

Even the family cat we have is a bit weird...he's as anti-social a cat as you can imagine. And E just wants to love him. But usually, he wants nothing to do with her. He's currently quite a sick wee man so the medications he has been on have made him a little less jumpy when she is around. And she is trying to take full advantage while he allows!

Black and white image of a toddler girl with curly hair holding the hand of her mum as she traverses walking along a fallen tree trunk.
A mother in jeans and a burgundy tshirt with a toddler in a baby carrier on her back hiking up an incline in the woods and pointing off in the distance

Our adventures in the woods together...MY happy place.

A black and white image of a toddler girl with curly hair and no shirt on laying on a partially carpeted floor with her dad who is bald with a scruffy beard and they are looking at magnet blocks together.

She's also very helpful at explaining how things work to us. Filled with backstories and subplots, little tangents and maybe breaking into song. All to explain that magnets stick together...its quite complex.

We are a weird little family. And I love every moment of it. So I now photograph it all, embrace the stories and share them often. In the hopes that others will embrace their own weird. And to show my daughter that we are all weirdly awesome in our own way...and it is spectacular! 

~ Much Love