2017 - A Year In Review - Jessica Hachey Photography

Well….that went by fast! Geez…I remember this time last year when I was making all kinds of grand plans and setting lots of lofty goals for myself.

But…wait…I ran outta time to finish off my 2017 resolutions!

Good thing we get the chance to start all over when that ball drops, we all scream happy new year and wake in the morning feeling energized, refreshed and ready to tackle a whole new year once again. If you didn’t over indulge during the festivities of course ;)

Anyways, 2017 was a pretty busy year around here. We had just moved back to our amazing home town of Dundas, Ontario and were settling in to our new neighbourhood and my husband Eric was working all hours of the day and night setting up his newly opened business.

Elizabeth and I had so many adventures this year! We’ve hiked miles and miles of the local trails and explored the woods, rivers and lakes around us. Nearly a dozen trips up to the cottage for more outside adventure. She official turned THREE years old and even snowboarded for the first time this winter.

As for this crazy awesome business I’ve created? I’ve been working away behind the camera and behind the scenes! Improving my skills through mentorships with some of my favourite people in the industry. I’ve also been embracing my own voice and what it is that makes me reach for my camera and make pictures.

I’ve had the absolute pleasure of photographing such amazing families that I sometimes have to pinch myself.

To be lucky enough to meet such awesome people, be invited into their homes and to document moments and memories for them…its a dream. But one I actually get to keep doing when I wake up! Amazing.

It was hard to narrow down but here’s a few of my favourite moments from this past year.

Best of 2017-1.jpg
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Cheers to a fab 2017 and to all the crazy adventures that 2018 is sure to bring!

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