A Unique Father's Day Gift - A Trip to Two Trolls Tattoo Parlour - Dundas Ontario

My husband is amazing.

Okay, okay, okay, I know most people would say the same about the person they have chosen to spend their life with. And as it should be! But seriously...he is so kind, and supportive, funny and loving. He is hardworking and is really great dad. 

Those that know me well, know that I have three tattoos. They all have different meaning to me, and hold a special place in my heart and are a big part of telling my story and my history.

My husband on the other hand is what you would call a tattoo-virgin....until now!

For father's day last year, he looked at me and asked for his first tattoo. I always wondered what he would pick for his first one. He has never really expressed too much interest in getting one aside from a casual thought of getting the "Alive Man" from Peal Jam's first album (his absolute favourite band on the planet). So I was incredibly touched when he asked to get a tattoo of our daughter's birth mark, a sweet little brown spot on her knee. 

Heart officially melted.

So after a few (ok...many) months delay...we finally made an appointment at our local tattoo parlour in Dundas, Ontario called Two Trolls and our fantastic tattoo artist Bill. They were so welcoming and excited to have us in their studio! Even allowing me to snap a few photos of his session so that I could show Elizabeth when she grows up. It was such a great experience and once I am so grateful for.

As part of a blog circle with some fellow amazingly talented photographers, I am sharing my 10 favourite frames from our session!

Dad and daughter filling out paperwork
little girl having her knee traced by tattoo artist in dad's lap
Little girl with brown spot traced in red on knee
Little girl sitting on a chair in a tattoo parlor
Little girl looking at dad getting a tattoo
Little girl playing with her fingers
Smiling man getting a tattoo on his knee
LIttle girl watching dad get a tattoo
Dad and daughter in a tattoo parlor
Dad with tattoo that matches daughters birth mark on knee

I'm so excited to tell Elizabeth this story as she gets older and share with her how deeply her daddy loves her. Its the most simple and understated of tattoos, but its the most wonderful expression of love to our daughter from her daddy. And I just love it so very much <3

This post is part of a monthly blog circle where photographers feature ten photos from the previous month. To continue the circle follow the link here: http://jenniferblakephotography.com/.../january-2018-10.../

A very big thank you to Bill of Two Trolls tattoo parlour in Dundas! You've made such a special memory between father and daughter a reality.

~Much Love~

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