Invest In Your Story...

Your family story happens everywhere, anytime and so can storytelling sessions with me!

They can happen first thing in the morning, in the sleepy evening or sometime between.

I can freeze in time the sight of your babies' bed hair as they wake and you grab a cuppa tea to welcome the sun, a wander through the woods on a cool fall day, or a backyard bonfire on those last lingering days of summer.

I can capture for you the craziness of the evening routine with bath, story and bedtime snuggles, or a lazy Sunday on the back deck with coffee (or beer!) in hand while your children roam wild and free through the yard, or join you for those first few hours after you bring a new babe earth-side and revel in all the sweet moments and details of babe's first day.

I can be there for a quiet weekday morning while you're nursing your babe and laying him down to rest, join you for afternoon of family fun at the local fair or amusement park, attend your daughter's first birthday or tag along for a relaxing day at the beach.

So, what story do you want to tell?

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Half Day In The Life  (Newborn - Milestone - Everyday Moments)

This session runs four hours in length. During this session I will photograph you and your family during their everyday life and activities. All of the little family rituals, the chaos, the quiet moments. It is designed to capture those perfectly imperfect moments that make your family unique and special. Your every day is beautiful! I can't wait to show you just how much! 

Session Fee - $350 - Collections Start at $725

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Short Story  (Newborn - Milestone - Everyday Moments)

This session runs between one and two hours and generally happens in the home or at a special location with meaning to your family. This is a shorter session with a little more planning than a Half Day in the Life. We will plan a particular activity that you enjoy together and document all wonderful things that naturally happen! Keep in mind these sessions are totally unposed,so just be ready to relax, be yourself and have fun!

Session Fee - $225 - Collections Start at $375

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Fresh 48 (Sweet babe's precious first hours)

This session runs about 45 minutes to an hour, usually at the place of birth (hospital, home, birth centre etc). This is all about documenting those moments, memories and feelings that are oh so fleeting during the first couple of days with your new bundle of joy. These hours pass too quickly and its such a whirlwind of new feelings, new family connections and a wonderful new person added to the family. Its hard to take it all in! 

Session Fee - $175 - Collections Start at $195