Photographing the real life adventures of wild at heart families.

Imagine never having to bribe your kids (or partner!) to sit still or behave when having their photos taken.

Imagine never having to stand behind the camera holding a phone playing “Baby Shark”and making silly faces to get them to look at the camera.

Imagine kicking back and enjoying your time at home or on an adventure together without having to pull out your phone to take photos because I’m there to do it for you. (This means you’ll exist in family photos too!)

Imagine having photos that tell the story of what life was like at this time with your family, not just what you looked like.

This is Documentary Family Photography and it will rock your socks off!

It is all about this moment in life with your family, before everything changes again and you’re left wondering how they grew up so fast.  

Serving Hamilton, Dundas, Niagara and Southern Ontario. Will travel world wide…I pack up small!

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